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Porter Bags Starter Pack - Mint


    The reusable Porter Bag is a better bag for cooking, freezing, steaming, preserving, storing, and sous-viding. Thoughtfully designed with curved corners so there’s nowhere for pesky buildup to hide, the Bag is an easy-to-clean, hygienic workhorse tool. This Starter Pack has a 10 oz, 34 oz, and 46 oz Bag and a 36 oz and 50 oz Stand-Up Bag. Cover all your needs with this bundle from packing snacks and sandwiches and marinating and freezing meats to storing leftover chips and frozen cookie dough balls. Made from one piece of 100% food-grade silicone with no chemicals, glues, or adhesives Flip the bag inside out to hand-wash or throw it in the dishwasher Clear front lets you mark and see contents, while colorful back panel provides pop of color Don’t limit the Porter Bag to culinary uses — use it to store make-up, crafts, first-aid supplies, and much more Materials: Silicone Dishwasher, Microwave, Freezer Safe Size: 10 oz, 34 oz, 36 oz, 46 oz, and 50 oz

Founded in 2012 by Josh Williams and Eric Prum, W&P creates modern kitchen products that improve the way we eat and drink everyday. As college roommates and best friends, Josh and Eric shared a passion for crafting great food, even better cocktails, and memorable experiences with friends. It became their mission to empower others with these better, more modern, and fun-to-use tools, and W&P was born.

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