The Future is Circular

Together, let's make it a reality

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So, what’s the problem?

Fashion is one of the most pollutive industries. We’re producing more clothing than ever before and wearing it much less. Over 85% of all textiles end up in landfills, including clothing from resale and donation centers. What they can't sell gets trashed or burned, causing major social and environmental problems. Most of it can be kept out of landfills if we’re thoughtful and proactive.

Luckily, we have a solution..

For Days is the first circular fashion brand. We've spent the last 4+ years building a network of expert recycling partners to keep clothing out of landfills. We design products for circularity. Everything is organic, non-toxic, and can be recycled into new fabric.

We collect, sort, and recycle used garments, linens and more, from any brand through our best-selling Take Back Bag.

What exactly is circularity?

It’s a future where all products are recycled, reused, and regenerated.
Everything remains in use as long as possible.

The old way:
Take, Make, Waste

The new way:
Create, Circulate, Regenerate

Linear Economy

Recycle Economy

Circular Economy

Why It’s A Big Deal

More clothing is in circulation now than ever.
Clothing is not designed to last and ultimately ends up in landfills or incinerators.

Every 1 Second

the equivalent of one garbage truck worth of textiles is landfilled or burned

It Takes 200 Years

for synthetic and chemical-treated clothing to decompose (and it leaches toxic chemicals)

How We Recycle

We’ve built an expert network of clothing designers, sorters, closed loop recyclers, resellers, and downcyclers to create a comprehensive solution to reduce fashion waste.

For Days Clothing


of all returned For Days oldies are recycled into new materials


of all returned For Days oldies are resold

We design for circularity. All of our garments are made with 100% recyclable materials.

For Days oldies are fiber-to-fiber recycled into new materials by our partners, including Recover and Hallotex.

It is always best to reuse clothing first. Our partners aim to resell garments to keep them in-use in their current state.

Since 2018, we’ve recycled 4 tons of used For Days clothing. These are currently being made into 100% Closed Loop Collections, which will be launching soon.

Send us your For Days oldies. You’ll get $5 in Closet Cash
for every item you recycle with us. It’s that simple.

Take Back Bag

How It Works

Other Fun Facts

We’ve vetted the top sorting and grading facilities. Our recycling partners sort every item into 1 of 250 grades to determine the next stage of the product’s life

Insider info: many sorters use 30 grades, which is less precise and unfortunately results in more waste. Many of those items end up in the wrong place and, in turn, are thrown out



Take Back Bag items are not upcyclable because they are made from unknown materials. So, they are turned into lesser-quality items like insulation or carpeting (aka they are downcycled). Leigh Fibers and Phoenix Fibers are two of our expert downcycling partners.

Take Back Bag items that can be resold are sent to resale partners that service lower income communities. What this looks like: farmers in other countries accessing low-cost items to cover themselves against the sun. What this doesn’t look like: clothing waste being dumped in a landfill.

Our Take Back Bag is our best seller. We've sold over 80K bags and diverted 2.4M garments from landfills.

Our Take Back Bags Have Saved:

Stats reflect results from 2022

Recycle Responsibly & Shop Sustainably

When you buy a $20 Take Back Bag, you'll instantly get $20 in Closet Cash for future circular fashion purchases.