How We Recycle

Did you know that today, 85% of ALL textiles end up in landfills?  This includes current resale, recycling and donations efforts.  We are here to turn that number around.   With your help, 95% of everything sent to us for recycling stays out of landfills (the other 5% is sadly, truly trash.)

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Heads up. Each year in the U.S., the average person throws away nearly 81 pounds of used clothing. 95% of that waste could be reused or recycled. We're fixing that.

Linear Economy

Recycle Economy

Circular Economy




What we do with all your stuff

Shop Take Back Bags


The take back bag comes in 3 sizes. You choose!


Fill it up with any old clothing and send it back to us with the pre-paid label.


Earn Closet Cash that is equal to the price you paid for the bag.

Swap for Circular

Start spending that cash on new circular clothing.

The How

Sort and Grade

Everything that comes back to us gets evaluated for quality. 80% of what we receive needs to be recycled.


The For Days products that can be resold are ozone washed, over dyed and printed. These are resold through Take Back Bag items that can be resold are sent to domestic resale partners that service lower income communities.

Fiber to Fiber Recycling

All For Days items are mechanically recycled by a waterless process that shreds the materials, mixes in a percentage of virgin fiber, respins yarn and knits new fabric. That fabric is used in new clothing


Take Back Bag products can become rags, insulation or shoddy. Because 70% of Take Back clothing contains some type of blended material, we can’t do fiber to fiber recycling on them. We do guarantee they stay out of landfills.