The Future is Circular

85% of all textiles end up in landfills including resale, recycling and donations efforts. Let’s fix fashion’s waste problem.

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Buy a For Days product and get 10% back instantly in Closet Cash to spend on future purchases.


Wear Recklessly

Wear, tear, stain, dress up, dress down. Do whatever you love in your clothing knowing it will never end up in a landfill.


Recycle Responsibly

Recycle your old For Days product with us and earn $5 in Closet Cash for each item.

Ready to join the circular economy?

Order a Take Back Bag to send back old stuff from any brand. You’ll get instant Closet Cash for future closed loop purchases.

Get A Take Back Bag

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How We Recycle

Our connected network of recyclers ensures 100% of used clothing gets sorted and graded and 95% stays out of landfills.

FOR DAYS PRODUCTS 90% 10% Upcycled into new fiber Reincarnated and Resold
TAKE BACK PRODUCTS 45% 50% Resold Downcycled into shoddy, rags, insulation

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