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The Double Take - This-That


    A versatile, two-sided pouch designed for your everyday travel adventures. Featuring chunky neon zippers, this lightweight and unforgettable pouch is just what you need as you replace single-use baggies.

    From chargers and passports to damp and dry goods, this is the ultimate organizer to keep your personal treasures safe and sound.

    THIS and THAT allows you to decide what goes in. From wires and chargers to your mobile office supplies and travel essentials, say goodbye to ziplocks and plastic bags as you use and re-use your DOUBLE-TAKE.


Every ending is a new beginning. This product was designed for circularity. When you're done loving it, it will be recycled into new yarn and used to create new materials and used for a future product.
icon Made of recycled materials
This product is new, however the materials it was made from were not. It was created using “waste” (think: materials from old clothing or fabric scraps). This helps keep materials in-use and is an important part of circular fashion.

The world deserves something better than plastic and single-use bags. That’s why BYBBA is designing multi-purpose, sustainable bags made from ocean waste. Bags that do more, function better and look chic. BYBBA, Bring Your Bag Back Around.

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What Exactly is Circularity?

It's a future where all products are recycled, reused, and regenerated.

Everything remains in use as long as possible.

The old way:
Take, Make, Waste

The new way:
Create, Circulate, Regenerate

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