85% of all textiles end up in landfills including resale, recycling and donations efforts. Let’s fix fashion’s waste problem.

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Each take back bag saves


We work with recycling partners to repurpose each item and divert them from landfills.

Because non-For Days are an unknown blend of materials, they are recycled into things like insulation, rugs, or cleaning materials.

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Our Reviews



I have been sourcing reliable options to responsibly donate clothes. I want them to go to good use! So happy to have found your company. Thanks for making a change in this crazy world!

Victoria M.

For Days makes responsible recycling a breeze!

I’m just really glad there are companies willing to do all the working of collecting, sorting, and recycling textile waste! I’ll be recommending the take back bag to all of my friends.

Stacia G.

One bag at a time ❀️

Greatly appreciate For Days' mission to reduce textile/clothing waste and putting it to good use once recycled. This is my 5th or 6th bag (I think) that I've gotten from them and my life is feeling much simpler and better with less clutter in my closet and dresser

Teiya D.

Guiltless Purging

I have had pieces of clothing lying around for a while now that are too shabby to be donated but I didn't want them in a landfill. Then I found For Days! The bag game with a pre-paid mailing label. My experience was wonderful.

Kirk B.

Easy peasy

Order bag. Fill bag. Label bag. Have USPS pick it up. That last part I was skeptical about being simple....but seriously a 2 minute process on and it worked beautifully. I feel great about what to do with the clothes that are at the end of their current life now.



I love for days sustainability and the ability to get rid of my old clothes knowing they’re going to be reused and recycled. The best part is I pay for the take back bag, then I get paid to buy great quality clothes! It’s a win win.

Olivia M.

Love these bags, thank you!

Thank you for helping keep our clothes out of landfills! This bag is the best, and getting a store credit for the cost makes it no cost! What a win!

Angeliq M.

Lost your Take Back Bag?

Any clothes from any brand, just make sure they are washed and clean, fabric scraps, sheets, towels.

As long as they're washed, we accept anything. Send in your ripped, tie-dyed, or destroyed clothes - we'll take it from there.

Our Take Back Bags are made from recycled material (50% of which is post-consumer) and are also fully recyclable. We recycle 100% of Take Back Bags that are sent to us. We’re always looking for ways to become more sustainable, and our goal is to introduce a plastic-free Take Back Bag in 2022.

The price of the Take Back Bag covers the shipping to and from the customer. You will then receive a credit equivalent to the amount you spent on the bag! The credit will be added to your account and can be used just like cash at checkout towards a future purchase.