Everything you purchase at For Days comes with a swap credit. You can find these credits on the product page.


of you joined our closed loop movement last year.

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All of your purchases and swap credits live in your closet. Use your closet items at checkout for credit toward new stuff.


items were swapped last year

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Earn credit when you buy a take back bag too. Clean out your crap and get $$ instantly deposited into your Closet Cash.


pounds of waste diverted from landfill

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Swap FAQs

Close the loop with our swap program.

We sort by color and then work with post-consumer mechanical recyclers to turn that product into new fiber, new yarn and new materials.

Each item in your closet is worth a certain amount of swap credit. When you decide to send something back, you can use that credit toward a new purchase.

Any condition!

What is my closet? Your closet is a snapshot of all the items you have at home and their swap credits. You can swap an item out from your closet and mail it back to us using the provided label. Your credit for those items will live in your account under Closet Cash. You can swap an item while making a new purchase for immediate credit on your new item.

Just buy a For Days item and you can swap anytime from there.

You can swap For Days items anytime. If you want to swap without making a purchase you can bank those credits. If you swap while making a purchase, use the label we provide to mail your swap back.

Nope. You can use your swap credit toward anything at For Days.

Take Back Bag FAQs

Send us your old crap with the Take Back Bag and help us keep clothing out of landfills.

The products are sorted and then sent to a recycling partner. Those partners resell what could have a second life and then the remaining materials for recycling into rags or shoddy.


Our partners resell a portion of the take back clothing.

Your $10 credit will be found in your account under Closet Cash.

The Take Back Bag is a great way to earn credit before you are ready to swap your For Days item out. Take Back Bag product cannot necessarily be upcycled (like all For Days products), but we guarantee that everything sent back stays out of landfills.

We do not accept shoes, but socks and swim are OK.

Return FAQs

Go to your account and create a return.

Go to your account to create a return and receive your return label.

Yes, you can. Please email customer service for exchanges and they can help you out.

You have two weeks to return.

Please email customer service for assistance.

Misc FAQs

We work with GOTS materials and our factories are SMETA certified. Our recycled materials meet the Global Recycling Standards and our dyes are Cradle to Cradle certified.

We are working on this!

Your points have been converted to credit. You can find them in your closet.

“For Days” came from the idea that we are building an ongoing relationship with an ongoing benefit that is intended to protect our future. For Today. For Tomorrow. For Days. For Better Days.

US, Portugal, Morocco, and Turkey.

We currently carry up to XXL and are hoping to expand as we grow!

We are working on this! Email us and let us know what country you’d like us to ship to and we can put it on the list.

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