Something new
in living

An unlimited supply of fresh basics without the guilt.

At For Days everything comes with a lifetime membership, so you get new tees anytime you need them for $8. You wear your tees like crazy, order new ones, return the old ones. That's a swap. We recycle the swaps into better things so you don't have to deal. You can now go live your life.

Welcome to the closed loop lifestyle.

Get a try on kit, find your faves

Pick up to 10 items to try on

Keep 1, 3, 6 or 10 items to set your membership. Send the rest back within 5 days in the pre-paid envelope.

We credit the $38 towards the membership you choose or refund you if you want to send it all back.



Join once

1 tee


3 tees


6 tees


10 tees


Swap Forever


per item, anytime, for anything

for any reason, forever

Free shipping always

Zero-waste, all swaps are recycled into new products

Only get charged again when you want to swap or upgrade. You're in control, it's not a subscription.