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Glitter - Gold


    The golden rule: Zero-plastic.

    Submission Beauty™ glitter is zero-plastic and 100% free from antimony and aluminum. They've replaced the plastic base used in standard glitter with a base made with cellulose from eucalyptus trees. This plant-based material creates a unique iridescent effect without the use of toxic ingredients, giving the product a more sophisticated aesthetic and a broader range of applications than plastic glitter. Plus, it feels 40% softer on the skin and scalp.

    Unlike plastic glitter, this glitter is not a scourge on the environment—once it is washed off the body, hair and clothing and comes in contact with bacteria and microorganisms in natural waterways, it quickly breaks down into harmless substances, earning it the highest level of independent certification for fresh water biodegradability in the world. This glitter is also delivered in zero-plastic packaging and shipping materials


    Submission Beauty™ glitter can be applied with the fingers, or using a makeup brush. Completely free of aluminum, it is the first and only glitter that is FDA-approved for usage on lips. This glitter is bleed resistant and even the red shades are suitable for use around the eyes. It is also suitable for the body as well as for water-based applications, soaps, oils, and more.

icon Made of recycled materials
This product is new, however the materials it was made from were not. It was created using “waste” (think: materials from old clothing or fabric scraps). This helps keep materials in-use and is an important part of circular fashion.
icon Vegan
No animals or animal products are used in this product.

Submission is zero-plastic inside and out, from the product, to the packaging, to the shipping materials. That means no hidden microplastics in our formulations, containers designed with a glass base and tin cap, and no plastic fibers or plastisol inks in our fabric accessories, boxes and labels. The brand isn't just a beauty company with a sustainable image, but a sustainable beauty brand from the ground up. Minimizing and mitigating our impact on the environment drives everything that they do. Their glitter is TÜV 'OK biodegradable WATER' certified for freshwater biodegradability, and FDA approved to be safely used on the lips and around the eyes. Their totes are 100% recycled pre-consumer cotton, Control Union Certified to Global Recycled Standards.

    Please reach out to for returns/exchanges. All balm and glitter products are final sale.

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