Our Mission

Every Shirt Counts

For Days was born from a vision for a better future. One where we can have everything without creating waste.

How are we going to get there?

Empowering our members through participation in a new model of commerce. See How It Works.

Using better materials that are made to last, and recyclable when they don't

Not overproducing inventory.

Changing the way we manufacture.

Our Collective Impact


H2O Saved


CO2 Saved


Waste Saved


We have chosen to work with GOTS (https://www.global-standard.org) certified cotton and dyes as they are better for the planet and better for your skin. Traditional cotton uses 25% of the world's pesticides and that is polluting water sources globally. Organic practices reduce water usage and employ better land management practices. Organic practices can save up to 60% of water over traditional cotton.


In addition to the significant benefits of eliminating landfill waste, we are investing heavily in new manufacturing strategies. By building our own production facilities we minimize material wastage and avoid overproducing. We are also utilizing renewable energy and are designing innovative water reclamation programs which significantly reduce our footprint. Our long term goal is to create a world-class zero waste facility that sets a new standard for manufacturing globally. We look forward to having you visit.


We are focused on minimizing packaging and packaging waste. We do not use any hang tags on our products and all packaging is recycled and recyclable. We do not use polybags in our manufacturing or warehouse and have created a special process for storing product to keep it clean, dry and poly-free. Specifically, our mailers are 100% recycled and recyclable PET bags from Eco Enclose (https://www.ecoenclose.com). These are reusable so you can put your returns in the bag you receive with your fresh items. When they come back to us, we will recycle. Our goal is to move toward a more durable recycled and recyclable packaging, so stay tuned for updates.


Community is core to our ethos and this applies to our membership community and our employee community. We have strict wage minimums, generous benefits and personal leave policies, and aim to provide safe, rewarding and empowering work environments for all who interact with For Days.