It Works Like This

Pick your tees. Get your tees.

Swap anytime. We recycle everything

you send back to us. So simple, it's stupid.


Start a Try On Kit.

Shop like any other site. Checkout. Then, get excited.


Get your tees.

We send you 100% GOTS certified organic cotton clothing. Try them out or wear them out. When you want a new tee or to swap out an old one, simply order through


Swap your tees.

Here's where it gets interesting: you can order a fresh For Days tee anytime, for any reason. You can change the style, color, or size. You can rip, stain or stretch 'em. Swaps are always $8 per item. When you receive your swap, send back your old For Days tees in the prepaid mailer.


We recycle all returns.

Whatever you send back to us is sorted, sanitized, broken down and blended into fresh, new yarn. A 70/30 blend of new and recycled fibers yields a yarn that is incredibly durable and sustainable. From this yarn we will create new For Days products.


Our Zero Waste approach means that we will take any old non-For Days clothing and credit you with impact points. We will send a “Recycle” mailer with your swap. Shipping on us. We are that committed to eliminating closet clutter and landfill waste.


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