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Claudine Twist Ring I


    She looks at the world and asks a lot of questions—her inquisitiveness inspires those around her. A sharp critic with a poet's vocabulary, she can draw out the unexpected.

    A thinner version of the Claudine Twist Ring II, she is a perfect pair with our best selling Pauline Ellipse Ring I, or with your engagement ring.

    On her ring finger, model is wearing (from bottom to top) the Claudine Twist Ring I, Pauline Ellipse Ring I, and The Elizabeth I. On her middle finger, model is wearing the Baby Kay Heart Dome Ring.


    14k solid gold—always
    Solid, not hollow Weight: Approx 3.2g Thickness: 2.9mm

    We offer custom sizes upon request. You can add a custom length to your cart HERE. Please note that custom and half sized pieces are final sale.

icon Made of recycled materials
This product is new, however the materials it was made from were not. It was created using “waste” (think: materials from old clothing or fabric scraps). This helps keep materials in-use and is an important part of circular fashion.

Made with recycled or up-cycled organic material content Kinn uses recycled 14k gold whenever possible. Created from existing jewelry, industrial metals, or electronic components, it’s then refined back to its purest elements, making it equal in quality to newly mined metals. They also breathe new life into your heirloom and inherited jewelry through their Repurpose program, recycling the metals and stones into entirely new and custom pieces. Kinn is a Los Angeles based fine jewelry company offering modern heirlooms meant to last a lifetime. Every piece is made with 14k solid gold - never filled, plated, or vermeil. While the jewelry industry is traditionally opaque, Kinn believes in sharing their knowledge of materials, sourcing, labor standards, production, and quality. Their gemstones are conflict-free and fair trade, and diamonds adhere to The Kimberly Process. They individually hand-select only our suppliers’ most honest and ethical stones rather than selling a limited on-hand inventory.

    For domestic orders, you may return most unworn or unused items within 10 business days of the delivery date. We will determine if the piece is eligible for a full refund once it arrives back to us. Depending on the condition of the returned item, there may be a 20% restocking fee (i.e. if it's been damaged or clearly worn). We will provide you with a prepaid return label. For returns, $10 will be deducted from the total refund amount. If you exchange or shop for a new item, Kinn will pay for the return label. We do not accept returns, exchanges, or resizing requests for international orders. Custom orders, custom and half sized pieces, and engraved items are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. Select pieces are only available for exchange or store credit. Please read specific product descriptions and details before ordering. We do not accept partial returns for single products i.e. only returning a chain or a pendant from a necklace purchase. Please be advised that once the product has been shipped, we do not refund shipping costs.

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What Exactly is Circularity?

It's a future where all products are recycled, reused, and regenerated.

Everything remains in use as long as possible.

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Take, Make, Waste

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