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Better Beanie - Cherry Red


    Meet A Better Beanie 2.0: The best Better Beanie yet. Knit from 100% Italian Merino Wool leftover yarns, they're naturally moisture-wicking, insulating, temperature-regulating, odor-resistant, and breathable, with natural elastic qualities for added durability. Zero plastics or synthetics, just the way we like it. Knit in a Rib Construction, guaranteeing better stretch and recovery over time. If it ever feels stretched out, give it a wash to restore its natural shape. Locally made in NYC. We've minimized our carbon footprint on this style by rescuing fashion industry leftovers, using 100% natural yarns and by manufacturing locally. The perfect knit hat to keep you cosy and help curb climate change by keeping waste out of landfills. Available in 16 limited edition colors.

icon END OF LIFE Reuse (resell)
Every ending is a new beginning. This product is made with the intent to have multiple lives. When you are done loving this product it can be resold to live a second life.
icon Made of recycled materials
This product is new, however the materials it was made from were not. It was created using “waste” (think: materials from old clothing or fabric scraps). This helps keep materials in-use and is an important part of circular fashion.
icon Women Owned Brand
This product is from a Woman-Owned Brand, just like For Days! Supporting women-led businesses is an important part of our mission.

At HYER GOODS, we breathe new life into leftover leathers. Using innovative design and finishing, we repurpose “waste” leathers into cute bags, wallets and accessories, keeping quality materials out of landfills and in our closets. Our small-batch goods are ethically manufactured at a woman-owned factory and shipped plastic-free, using recyclable materials.


    100% Merino Wool (Italian) Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry. Dry clean optional.

    All beanie purchases are final sale.

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What Exactly is Circularity?

It's a future where all products are recycled, reused, and regenerated.

Everything remains in use as long as possible.

The old way:
Take, Make, Waste

The new way:
Create, Circulate, Regenerate

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